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April 2024 President's Message

As this year’s legislative session comes to a close. I believe it’s more important than it has ever been for us individually, and collectively as an association to stay engaged in the political arena, how do we do it in the most effective way?

I believe it starts just like our association does from the grassroots, every single member of our association has the ability beyond just their single vote. We must support good candidates no matter what district they will represent. We must do it by telling our friends and family. We must do it by volunteering, putting up signs knocking on doors. We most do it by donating to our PAC. We must do it by donating to individual campaigns because every dollar matters in a campaign Big or Small!

The value of our organization is and has always been, our people. We must rally and work together to ensure that we have the proper leadership in Tallahassee. The need for elected officials who understand our issues and are willing to work for and with us on solutions to the challenges our industry faces grows every day. The only way for the Florida Cattle Industry to continue it’s over 500 years of environmental sustainability, is to have a regulatory realm that allows for ranching’s economic sustainability. For this good people, our people, must step up and serve or assist to educate those that have answered the call of public service.

Recruit fellow Cattlemen to membership in FCA….

Get to know our state’s elected leaders…..

Contribute to the FCA COW PAC….

Together we can ensure that Cows (will always) Keep Florida Green!

God Bless,

Pat Durden


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