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The Florida Cattlemen's Association and Florida Cattlemen's Foundation are proud to recognize past, current, and future leaders of Florida's cattle industry.

All applications can be mailed or hand-delivered to FCA staff. Please check individual applications for email and online submission availability. Please include a valid email address with all applications, so we can confirm receipt of the application and gather any supporting information. If you are submitting multiple applications, you may mail them in the same envelope.


Allied Scholarship
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

To provide funds for educational assistance at the Junior/Senior college level, for qualified students from an agricultural background.

Carlton D. McKettrick Memorial Scholarship
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

Established in 2015, and initially awarded in 2016, to provide funds for educational assistance at the Junior/Senior or graduate college level for qualified students to pursue an agricultural degree.

Bill Barthle Memorial Scholarship
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

Established in 2021, and initially awarded in 2022, to provide funds for educational assistance at the Junior/Senior or graduate, college level for qualified students to pursue an agricultural degree.

Jan Dillard Memorial Scholarship
(Submitted to the FL State Fair-Postmarked by December 2)

Awards/ Recognition

Environmental Stewardship Award
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

The FCA Environmental Stewardship Award Program began in 1991 and has created a great deal of positive public attention.  This award recognizes cattle producers for the activities they do every day in the preservation and enhancement of this nation’s natural resources. All nominees must be signed up and implementing the BMP’s for nutrient management for cow/calf operations. The winner of the Florida Environmental Stewardship award will be nominated for the NCBA Region II Stewardship Award the following year. 

Farm Credit/FCA Outstanding Rancher Leader Award
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

 This award was created to recognize an individual who actively furthers Florida Cattlemen’s Association business and its objectives; adopts progressive management practices in his/her own ranching business and shares that knowledge in a  leadership role with others.

Researcher of the Year Award
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

To recognize and share the work of an individual conducting research that is beneficial to the Florida cattle industry and Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

Reach Out Award
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

To recognize a member of FCA who has been most proactive in communicating facts about the beef cattle industry to the community at large. A criteria to be considered includes, but need not to be limited to, speaking engagements, public testimony official hearings and workshops, involvement in civic organizations, ranch tours, participation in Farm City Week and similar programs, Letter to-the- Editor communications, other publications and local elected or appointed service

Honorary Director Award
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

The Honorary Director distinction is designed to recognize those senior members who have been active and prominent in the activities of their County and the State Cattlemen Associations. While not having the power to vote, Honorary Directors shall have the power to discuss and advise on all questions discussed at a Board of Director’s meeting.

Florida Cowman/Cowwoman Award
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

This purpose of this award is to recognize, honor and preserve the memory of deceased members who during their lifetime made substantial and significant contributions to the cattle industry in Florida.

Leadership/ Ambassador

Florida Cattlemen's Leadership Academy (FCLA) Application
(Postmarked or Submitted by April 1)

To identify, develop, and encourage the next generation of leaders for the Florida cattle industry and the Florida Cattlemen’s Association (FCA). FCLA is funded by the Florida Cattlemen’s Foundation. Through a combination of tours, educational sessions, and team building activities, participants will develop leadership skills, industry knowledge and an in-depth organizational understanding of FCA. This series of seminars will be conducted and facilitated by leaders from the Cattle Industry and related businesses. In addition to developing a network of industry contacts and friends, participants will obtain skills that will serve them well both personally and professionally.

NCBA/YCC Tour Application
(Postmarked or Submitted by February 15)

A proven success since 1980, the NCBA Young Cattlemen’s Conference tour is an effective vehicle in identifying and developing potential beef industry leaders. Through the years over 1,000 beef producers have graduated from the YCC program. Many of these alumni participate in industry committees, councils; serve on boards, and may go on to serve as national officers. This program serves as the cornerstone of leadership training for the beef industry. YCC allows young leaders to understand all aspects of the industry from production to the consumer. The YCC tour is an excellent program from which future leaders of our association can be developed. If you should have any questions regarding the tour, please don’t hesitate to call the FCA office.

FCA Sweetheart Application
(Letter of Intent Postmarked by March 1, Completed Application Postmarked by March 15)

The Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart Contest was established to build favorable publicity for the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, Florida Beef Council, and the Florida CattleWomen. The FCA Sweetheart’s purpose is to promote and educate consumers about beef and the Florida beef industry. Each county sweetheart is as equally important as the state sweetheart. The county sweetheart will represent you as well as the entire industry at various functions. The Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart Contest will provide opportunities for your representative to gain professional experience, industry knowledge, enhanced communication skills, and relationships that will last a lifetime. This contest will offer scholarship opportunities as well. The crowning of the FCA Sweetheart is not only a highlight of the convention but is a deeply rooted tradition of our organization.

Florida Beef Ambassador Application
(Postmarked by July 15)

The Florida Beef Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for youth to become spokespersons and future leaders in the beef industry.  The goal is to provide consumers with information about beef nutrition, safety, and convenience as well as to provide producers with industry information, including facts about the beef check-off program.

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