Sweetheart’s Sept. Message

I have had a great time so far representing our industry and promoting beef. I have already had many conversations with consumers about nutritional info, health benefits, production methods, and other facts about beef. I love teaching people and clearing up myths. There are so many people out there that still need to know our story.

In July I got to attend the JFCA Beef Show in Kissimmee and meet some awesome kids in the show ring. Everyone did really well, and it was the biggest show yet. Mr. Wingate and all the other volunteers did a great job and we had a fun time. Make sure to pre-register next year!

I also recently did a beef demo at the Publix in Tallahassee. Chef Levi cooked some delicious 3 pepper and cocoa dusted sirloin, and I handed out brochures and stickers. I got to answer a lot of questions including how to cook grass fed beef and the nutritional value of beef. Many people also did not know how large the cattle industry is in Florida, that we are a cow calf state, and that we even have a Florida Cattlemen’s Association! I really enjoyed teaching consumers about the huge role Florida plays in beef production and how healthy and delicious it is. I challenge all of you to find someone not in the industry and teach them about beef. Thank you Mr. Kinch for letting me come to your store!  I have several other events already lined up and it is shaping up to be a fun year. I am especially looking forward to the ranch rodeo finals in Kissimmee in September and hope to see you all there! Last, a big congratulations to Jim Handley on his new grandson!

God Bless,
Katey McClenny

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