Sweetheart’s Message

I started off the new year with a literal “bang”. In early January, I had the opportunity to represent my local CattleWomen on their clay shooting team. It was a wonderful day out at Quail Creek, and a great experience for my first time shooting in competition. One hundred shots, and a good meal later I was able to help the Collegiate CattleWomen pass out awards to all the well-deserving competitors.

January has been much slower, however, it has given me the opportunity to do some evaluating.This month on social media to share pictures of ranching or farming that mean something to you. I believe that this sharing is very important, and something that we as an agricultural community should be doing more of. Even the smallest ranches and farms can have an impact on informing and educating out communities. It is so important that we stand up for ourselves, share our stories, and show our passion for this industry. What better way to do that than utilizing social media formats that have the potential to influence people all over the world. You simply never know what kind of influence just one post could have. I want to encourage everyone to thoughtfully use social media to illustrate the hardworking, family oriented love for the land and industry that Florida Beef producers have.

All the best,
Elizabeth Tauchen

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