Sweetheart’s March Message

We have some very exciting events coming up in our state!

During the month of March, Polk County hosts their annual Agrifest. Agrifest is a time when different elementary schools all throughout Polk County bring their fourth grade classes to the extension building in Bartow and the students learn about different sectors of agriculture. There are different stations set up, and the students go around to each station. For example, at the beef station, students learn about different things from beef by-products to how cattle are raised. One of the cattlemen always brings their horse for the students to see, as well as a few calves. Students also learn about citrus, phosphate, blueberries, honey, horticulture, forestry, and many other industries. This year, the Polk County Agrifest will be held March 10th-14th and 17th-21st.

On April 29th, the state hosts Ag Literacy Day. This is a day where anybody can volunteer to read a book about agriculture to an elementary school class.

This is a time for students to learn about Agriculture and to ask you questions about different things. These two events are very important as they teach the younger generations about agriculture and how we feed the world. I hope all of you will participate in events like this in your county throughout the year.

God Bless,

Harley Zoeckler

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