Sweetheart’s Letter

What a month it has been! It might be summer time but that hasn’t stopped my schedule from being hectic! It started off with speaking at the Avon Park noon Rotary; there I was able to share why beef is important in your diet and a key lifestyle investment. I really enjoyed this presentation because it felt very near and dear to my heart. I was able to really get down and discuss beef with real people who had very good questions, and I loved it!
Flash forward two days later, and I am taking my horse Gator to Wauchula for a ranch rodeo. This rodeo is an experience in itself. What I enjoy and appreciate most about this type of rodeo, is that all the events are easily applicable to real life ranch work. And most of the teams are people who spend their lives working on Florida’s ranches daily. This is a great and fun way to show the public how ranch work can go! And who doesn’t love to watch the little mutton busters?
On the 28th I also attended the JFCA’s “Hottest Show on Earth”, and I have never heard a more accurate slogan! It was a hot one for sure. I learned a lot from coming to this show. This was a whole different side to the industry that I had never been involved in – other than my local fair – and it was such a pleasure to see kids taking this so seriously. They really put in so much work into a wholesome activity and it was awesome! After the show it was back to Arcadia for the second round of that weekends’ ranch rodeo.
I am so thankful for the position God has put me in. My first month as your Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart was an wonderful experience. Florida’s beef industry is an amazing one, and I am blessed to be able to learn about, and represent it!
If you have any questions, or would like for me to attend an event, please contact me:
Stay cool,
Elizabeth Tauchen

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