Sweetheart’s August Message

Hello Cattlemen and Cattlewomen!

Katey McClenny

Katey McClenny

Let me start by saying how blessed and excited I am to have been chosen as your new Sweetheart. It is such an honor and I am truly blessed beyond words. There are so many people to thank- first my family for supporting and helping me through all of this. I couldn’t have done it without y’all. I would also like to thank the Strickland family for all of their hard work and dedication year after year, George Fisher, Washington County president, Sam Ard for helping me, Gary Clark for sponsoring me, Harley Zoeckler for mentoring all of us, the judges for their time, and every single person who contributed, gave gifts, and supported me. I am so thankful and wish I could name everyone! As usual, it was another fantastic convention. I made 8 beautiful, sweet, and talented friends who I know will continue to represent Sweetheart Diary their county well. I learned so much, the food was delicious, the weather was gorgeous, and as always I am reminded how awesome the people in this industry are. Even though we are all sad to be leaving Marco for the next 2 years, let’s not forget the real reasons we do it and what really matters- friends, family, and this amazing industry. Wherever we end up next year, let’s not forget to support our association. We will retain theses values wherever we go and have a great convention no matter what. I look forward to representing you in the upcoming year!!

God Bless, Katey McClenny FCA Sweetheart

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