Sweetheart’s April Message

Hello Again Cattlemen!

I have been very busy over the last few weeks. First of all, the Florida State Fair was amazing again this year. I had so much fun talking one on one with people about beef and handing out delicious beef samples. I would like to thank all of the cattlewomen that gave up their time from their busy schedules to work at the Cattlewomen’s booth. I also had the honor of assisting with the steer show at the state fair, and I have to tell you, I was very impressed with all of the exhibitors and their steers. The next event I attended was the Polk County Cattlemen’s Ranch Rodeo in Bartow. All twelve of the teams that competed did and awesome job. I would like to congratulate Lightsey Cattle Company for taking first place. Miss Hailey Tomkow, our new Polk County Cattlemen’s Sweetheart, did an amazing job carrying the Florida flag at the rodeo as well, and I would like to wish her the best of luck at Marco in June. I was invited to AgVentures at the Southeastern Fair in Ocala. I appreciate the opportunity to teach third graders about beef – we had a lot of fun playing BEEFO (by-product bingo) with marshmallows. I would to take this opportunity to invite all of you show people to the Spring Fiesta Cow Show on April 18 and 19 in Bartow. My Aunt Brandi and Aunt Lisa host this show every year; and they really know how to put on a great cow show! There will be unique prizes for all of the class winners as well as plenty of good food! For more information, you may contact Brandi Padgett at (863) 528-2976.

Harley Zoeckler
FCA Sweetheart
(863) 241-9852

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