October Sweetheart Message

Hey y’all! This month has been a hot one! I however, had a wonderful opportunity to eat BEEF and share my knowledge of the industry with some very sweet people!
I was invited to attend and help judge the Hendry County CattleWomen’s Association, BEEF Tailgate Cook Off where 7 teams came to represent their favorite sports teams and share their “game day” recipes. After the competition, I was able to give a presentation about how beef contributes to health and the prevention of disease, as well as share information about the Cattlemen’s and CattleWomen’s associations. This is why I love to do what I do! Nothing makes me happier than sharing knowledge and opening they eyes of people to Florida’s historic cattle industry, as well as sharing about the current industry and the reasons why beef should be part of a healthy lifestyle.
As the FCA sweetheart, my personal mission is to shed some light on the hidden beef industry. I am always looking for opportunities to come visit Ranching families, learn about their operations, and write about it! Not enough people truly know where their meat comes from, and I want to open up that world to the public and give credit where credit is due!
If you would like for me to make a visit your ranch let me know! I am also looking for opportunities to speak and give my presentation to help teach people to incorporate beef into their diets as a way to invest in their health.

A group picture with all of the contestants and their kids/grandkids from the Hendry County CattleWomen’s cook off.

Elizabeth Tauchen

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