July Sweetheart Message

Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart 2018, Elizabeth Tauchen

What a year this has been. It is bittersweet to be writing my last sweetheart diary entry. I am filled with gratitude to have had this experience. Since I started my year, I have felt only encouragement and support from the members of Cattlemens, and it fills me with pride to be part of an industry that represents so much to so many people, a product, a food source, a livelihood, family, a way of life. I have had an amazing year traveling, speaking at events, and meeting new people within and outside of the industry. I will cherish my newfound friendships. Thank you to all the people who have helped me throughout this process. Your support will never be forgotten.

I would like to take the time to thank the upcoming contestants for representing their own counties, as well as making the effort to make a difference in our world by learning and educating others about the beef industry. You ladies are very important to our industry and I am excited for your own journey to begin!

All My best,

Elizabeth Tauchen

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