Jan. Sweetheart Report

Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart 2018, Elizabeth Tauchen

What a busy month November was for me! This month I began by making a sweet visit to an elementary school in Gainesville where I was able to read to kindergarteners. The children were precious, and they loved learning about where their food and other products like clothing and furniture come from. They asked smart questions, and had a genuine drive for knowledge! A few days later I was off to Tampa to help at the Junior League’s Holiday Gift Market. Here I helped the Florida CattleWomen educate the general public about beef. The CattleWomen sure do know how to make an impression! They cooked amazing BEEF recipes, and gave out samples with recipes to show how simple and delicious it is to incorporate beef into any meal. Many people loved the food and came by our booth several times!

Later on in the month, I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge of BEEF in my local Highlands County through Ag-Venture. This is a three-day long event that introduces third graders to local agriculture. I worked at the beef tent playing “beefo bingo” with every class that came through during the day. As a new member of the Block and Bridle Club at the University of Florida, I had the opportunity to compete in the Little International Show. This is where I saw all my years of 4-H come into play. I had to show a horse, hog, sheep and bull calf, three of which I had never shown before. It was an awesome experience, and I was excited to win the show overall.

This Holiday season has made me realize how thankful I am for this opportunity I was given, and I appreciate every moment of the time I get to spend as the FCA Sweetheart. It is an amazing feeling to educate people of all ages about a topic you have a passion for, and I will be forever thankful.

Happy Holidays & #showyourpassion,

Elizabeth Tauchen

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