Beef Links
The official site of The American National CattleWomen, Inc.
This site is a portal to both checkoff-funded Web sites and NCBA- funded Web sites.
The National Beef Cook-Off gives amateur cooks the opportunity to share great beef recipes.
This site is geared towards foodservice professionals, including those in school settings.
The Beef Innovations Group is a team of experts who collaborate and conduct activities that provide the industry with product ideas and tools to make their new beef products successful.
This site’s focus is consumers, and offers tips, facts, nutrition information, recipes, contests and the Beef So Simple newsletter.
Similar to Teach Free, Beef Nutrition is an educational site geared toward consumers.
The Center for Research and Knowledge Management is comprised of four research program areas: Beef Safety, Human Nutrition, Product Enhancement and Market Research.
This site is geared towards beef retailers, and therefore highlights product information, marketing research and merchandising.
This site is geared toward consumer beef safety and the precautions consumers can take to ensure the safety of their beef.

Beef Quality Assurance
Learning Center of the Beef Quality Assurance Program

Beef Quality Assurance Transportation
Learning Center of the Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Program
Several programs have been created over the years to not only further educate cattlemen, but to recognize their efforts for current and innovative practices within the industry. These programs include the Young Cattlemen’s Conference and scholarship opportunities with the National Cattlemen’s Foundation and the Environmental Stewardship Award Program.