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Riley Rowe

Riley Rowe

Hello Florida Cattleman!

My name is Riley Rowe, I am 16 years old and I attend Belleview High School in Marion County. Growing up on my family’s cattle ranch, I developed a love for the cattle industry at a very young age. As I have gotten older, my interests have stayed with the current issues facing our ranchers, and how the younger generation can help to solve them. I am so humbled to be elected onto this JFCA Board of Directors and feel that this will give me the opportunity to help other kids in our state become active within our industry.

So far this year our board has been able to help plan a field day for the members, attend the point series shows, and be involved in the quarterly meetings. This experience has allowed me to meet so many new people from all different aspects of the cattle industry. I recently had the opportunity to teach local 4-H members about the opportunities that they can have through JFCA and encouraged them all to join. JFCA has speech contests, point series shows, quiz bowl, team marketing and so much more for our members. Myself, along with my fellow board members were able to play fun holiday games and have a gift exchange at the show in December! It was a great way for members to loosen up from the craziness of showing and have fun with friends!

In March, the JFCA Board of Directors will be attending the FCA Quarterly in Tallahassee. I am very excited for this experience and it is something I have been wanting to attend for years. We will be meeting with representatives from our government and with members of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

I am so excited for this upcoming year and all that it has in store for the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. I would like to encourage every member to #ShowYourPassion by taking time to advocate for the industry that we all care about so much!

Riley Rowe
JFCA Board Member

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