BSE Crisis Averted – Thanks, Beef Checkoff

This week’s BSE news from Florida was a non-event. The fact it became a non-event means consumers weren’t unduly frightened about eating beef, nor were markets see-sawed by volatility from uncertainty.

In fact, more industry harm was done by a sensational and irresponsible article by Consumer Reports – “What’s Really In Your Meat?” – published this week that purports to analyze the amounts of banned or severely restricted drugs that may end up on your dinner plate in the form of beef.

The common silver lining of these two events is they underscored the value of your beef checkoff, and the work it does on your behalf to minimize the damage from unexpected crises. To fully appreciate that this week’s news was a blip rather than an eruption, one must remember the events of 15 years ago.

Excerpt from article by Greg Henderson.  Read the rest.

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