Archbold Purchases Buck Island Ranch!

Dear Buck Island Ranch Industry Partners – I wanted to send you a personal note on this exciting day,

Today Archbold released our full short film “Cowboys and Scientists” to the public, along with a very special announcement:

Archbold is pleased to announce that we have taken advantage of a tremendous opportunity— to purchase Buck Island Ranch from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, making the Ranch part of Archbold forever.

In 1988, Archbold leased the 10,500-acre Buck Island Ranch from the MacArthur Foundation, and for decades the ranch has provided a unique mix of economic, cultural, and environmental values, serving as a natural laboratory where Archbold could address a crucial 21st century global challenge: how to develop sustainable agricultural practices that will honor natural biodiversity and the services nature provides while remaining economically viable for generations to come. Archbold’s highly respected research teams and collaborators have developed insights and offered solutions to this challenge.

I am asking if you would show your support by simply sharing our film on Facebook or other social media networks to enable Archbold’s message to reach a larger audience. Or just simply watch it! It is posted on Archbold’s website ( and on Archbold’s facebook page.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your partnership at Buck Island Ranch and the support of our research and operations. The ranch would not be where it is today without your partnership. I have enjoyed working with all of you and I have learned so much about ranching, water, and sustainable agriculture. Looking forward to many more years….

Best wishes,


Elizabeth (Betsey) Boughton | Program Director, Agro-ecology | Associate Research Biologist

Phone: (863) 699-0242 ext.2 | Mobile: (863) 840-3673

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