May Jr. Trail

A  lot has happen-ed since the last time I wrote an article. In March I was able to show my market steer and my show heifer at the Florida Strawberry Festival. After that, I traveled to Tallahassee with my family to take part in the Legislative Quarterly. This is one of my favorite events throughout the year. I love being able to talk to congressman and representatives about important events in our industry. I felt the trip was very successful, I even got to speak with my local representative Jake Raburn. The Juniors who were present at the quarterly were able to help serve food at the block party. I would like to thank the Cattlemen for allowing us to help out and have a good time together.
Recently I had the chance to interview with Southeast Ag Net. We discussed the events the JFCA take place in, our relationship with the Beef Council and the Cattlemens Association, and my opinion of the Florida Beef Checkoff. At this time I am preparing for Convention and our events that will be taking place. Until the next time, God Bless!
Anna Conrad 

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