Junior Trail

Hello Cattlemen!
As junior cattlemen it is important to learn new things to prepare our organization for the future. I had the opportunity to do just that by competing in the Fresh From Florida Student Cook off competition in Tallahassee. Myself and my partner Wyatt Junnila competed in the competition as the only non culinary students ever to participate. We had to create a recipe for a dish we thought high school students would enjoy. Having both agriculture backgrounds we chose to focus on Osceola County’s ranching history and use beef in our bowl along with other fresh ingredients found in Florida. Submitting our original recipe called the “Osceola Bowl” (see page 89) then getting selected to go to regionals. At regionals we cooked our dish for a panel of judges and talked about our dish. The judges placed our dish to win the regional competition in Jacksonville to then go to the state competition in Tallahassee. We practiced our dish multiple times before the state competition to be sure we were ready. While at the competition we toured the capital, met with Adam Putnam, and served food at the Taste of Florida event. Wyatt and I received second in the state with our “Osceola Bowl”. We both stepped out of our comfort zones and tried something new. As junior cattlemen it is our job to step out of our comfort zones trying new things for the greater good of our organization. Not only should we know how to properly raise beef but we should know how to cook it as well. Finding ways to adovcate for our industry in everything we do is what will make it possible to carry on the traditions of the ones before us.
Allyson Moore

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