Junior Trail

Hello Cattlemen,
My name is Allyson Moore the JFCA State Chairmen. This month I would like to tell you all more about myself and future goals for the cattle industry. Residing in Osceola county that has a strong cattle ranching history the beef industry has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Me and my family raise commercial cattle for my brother and I to show competitively all over the state. Not only am I just active in JFCA I also serve as my FFA chapter president, 4-H club president, captain of my high schools golf team, and member of the yearbook staff.
When I was younger the older JFCA members always created a fun environment for me and other members to be around. My year as state chairman I would like to continue this. It is vital to incorporate the youth because they are our future. If they are incorporated into the industry at a young age they more than likely will continue for the rest of their lives. Seeing the world we are living today we need like minded young adults to come together to keep American agriculture strong for many years to come. I know the future is bright if we focus on the youth in JFCA and other vital youth oriented organizations. So far this year I have tried to keep a strong social media presence to keep many of the youth connected on these networks engaged into JFCA. Social media has been a awesome platform for me and the other officers to stay in touch with members. We would like you to please do the same and follow junior_florida_cattlemen on Instagram.
Keeping the unity among our members even if they are all over the state is a great way technology has advanced by using it to benefit our association as a whole. We had a awesome turnout before the Kowtown Classic for our cookies and ice breakers activity for our members to take part in. Myself and the other state directors would love to continue to create more activities for our members to participate in throughout the year. We know if they have the opportunity to network and communicate with one other they have the chance to make life long friendships, and find new opportunities they wouldn’t of found otherwise.  As Thomas Jefferson said ” I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to one another”.

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