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Hello Cattlemen,

It’s Allyson Moore the State Chairmen. I hope we all weathered the holiday season and are back into the swing of things for this awesome year to come! I know me and my fellow board members are excited as well. With the start of the new year we are approaching fairs and livestock shows. For me personally my upcoming fair in Osceola County is right around the corner and my younger brother and I are eager to showcase our livestock. Growing up raising cattle and then getting the chance to raise our own show steers we learned the important role of good nutrition.

Nutrition is a key component to raise a quality animal. We learned that proper nutrition for feeding a show steer is crucial if you want him to meet a specific end goal for a fair. From beginning to end you must properly change and add new things to the diet for the animal to successfully gain. It all begins the day you introduce the calf to feed. The adaption period is crucial to not push the animal but gradually increase the rations they are given. Once they are fully transitioned to a high grain diet one should provide roughages for the animal to continue to maintain and grow. Proper nutrition is not just feed but making sure the animal has access to a clean water source as well.

Keeping a eye on the animals feed bunk is another key component to make sure that animal is getting the most out of their feed. Their pen, feed bunk, and water should always be as clean as possible at all times. You want to give you and your animal the best chance at success. In the end the animal is depending on you for the time you have it you should make its life the best it possibly can be.

My brother and I have had a blast raising steers together over the years and will have memories to last a life time. We are thankful that we got the opportunity and knowledge to properly feed out a steer. I hope as Junior Cattlemen we can continue to do our part day to day to make the Florida cattle industry better.

Allyson Moore
JFCA State Chairmen

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