Feb. Jr. Trail

Hello Florida Cattlemen! My name is Chad Revis, and I am your 2014-2015 JFCA State Vice President. I am from Ocala, Florida in Marion County, and I am a Senior at Belleview High School. To give you some background about myself I attended a private school from Pre-k all the way to Eighth Grade. I wasn’t born on a farm, but I always had an interest in agriculture because my parents had both been raised in agricultural settings and my great-grandfather actually had a large-scale cattle operation. In the Eighth Grade I started to think about all the great things my dad had told me about being in FFA in high school, and my grandpa telling me about their farm in Kentucky, and I decided to go to a public school so I could start my journey in the Agriculture Industry! Participating in competitions, and showing at our local fair not only developed my passion for the Agriculture Industry, but specifically the Beef Industry.

Sophomore year I joined our county’s JFCA and became an active member. Going to events like the JFCA prospect shows and the Field Days made me see that this industry was certainly what I wanted for my future. Knowing that, I applied and interviewed to become a State Officer so that I could tell people about the Beef Industry, and also learn new things from people we meet and places we go. In my interview I told them that my main goal would be to get even more members and to tell people about our association and our industry. Over the past two years in office I have encouraged many people to join. This year my goal is to encourage more member involvement. We can have all the members we want, but if we don’t do anything we are not being affective! Our team has many great things in store for you all this year.

Involvement is key to any organization. The youth are a vital aspect of our state’s beef industry because we are the leaders of tomorrow. That means that today we must learn everything we can so that we can continue to make things even better. Be on the look out for our newsletter that will cover quarterly meetings and upcoming events!

If you have any questions for me about our association please feel free to email me.

Chad Revis

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