Feb. Beef Ambassador Report

BeefAmb_Feb16Some of my fondest memories while growing up were raising and exhibiting cattle at my County Fair and the Florida State Fair. This next month, I know many of you as youth exhibitors will be busy doing the same. I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all youth Beef exhibitors the best of luck. 

Just remember – it’s not all about the ribbons. For ribbons will fade, trophies will grow old, and money soon spent. The important things aren’t the ribbons or pins and sometimes it is really the loser who wins. The important things are the friends that you make, the experiences you take, working as a team, cooperation and dedication. These things will help you become a mighty fine showman, they’ll do more for you than a prize ever can. Best of luck and God Bless. 

          Jeffrey Mitchell

          Florida Beef Ambassador


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