April Jr. Trail

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are having a great spring time. I’ve been busy with the State Fair and the Florida Strawberry Festival, and it was great to see cattle men at these events. However, since it’s spring time we all know what comes next… SUMMER! That means our Annual Convention and expo is approaching quickly. I am very excited to try out a new scene this year at the Omni. I am even more excited about our youth events taking place at the convention. When you have free time in between checking out the trade show and hitting the pool, you should pencil the junior activities in your schedule. This year we will be hosting the T-Shirt and Bumper sticker contest again for the younger members, ages 8-13. The winner’s work will be featured on the backs of shirts and the bumpers of cars across the state, for the course of the next year. Another contest for members ages 8-13 is the Photo Contest. You can submit entries into four categories Landscape, Livestock, Agriculture and Conservation, and Funny.

We will also be continuing the tradition of the Team Marketing and Beef Quiz Bowl for members of any age. Team marketing consists of a 2-3 member team presenting a scenario, product, or event to judges having to do with any part of the industry. Beef quiz bowl is a competition consisting of teams of four going head to head answering questions pertaining to the industry. Rounding out our events we have the Speech contest: ages 8 – 11 for juniors, ages 12 – 14 for intermediates, ages 15 – 18 (just graduated high school) for seniors and 18 -21 for collegiate. Competitors write a speech about any topic or issue related to the industry and present it to a panel of judges. Deadlines for entries for these contests will be released soon. We are excited to see the turn-out for the junior competitions, meetings and the youth luncheon, and we hope you make time to enjoy it with us! God Bless!

Anna Conrad
State President

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