March FCW Report

February has been incredible!  I attended the NCBA Beef Industry Convention and Trade Show for the first time. I’d have to say that having it in Nashville, TN made it even more special for me since I had never been there before! My notebook of new ideas and great facts to share is incredibly full after four days of fun, fellowship and the sharing of ideas with like-minded women and men in our industry. Learning what other states do and some of the contacts they have made within the industry excites and inspires me to share with our members.
Sharing our story is NCBA’s focus this year. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and about the people who provide it to them. Let’s invite them into our lives and let them see how we love what we do and work hard to provide the best, safest source of Beef in the world!

I know that some of you have already opened your lives to others to share your Beef story. Some others of you help when you are able. If you haven’t heard from me yet, expect my call. I’m looking to find those of you who are just waiting for an invitation to help however you can!  Is your forte’ speaking to others, planning an event or doing the legwork in setting up opportunities? Are you super busy but can help with support in small ways to make an event successful? Think about what time you can give to help this industry grow and flourish. Are you a Speaker, a Planner, a Doer or a Supporter? Decide and tell me when I call. If you are really excited go ahead and call me, and I will give you some ideas I have heard from my travels or set you up with something already planned.

Just a note…your yearly dues are due! Our calendar runs January to December so pay by the end of March so you will continue to be a part of the most dynamic group in our industry! Remember also that you must be a county member to be a state member and vice versa. If you have a question about this please contact Sarah Childs, chairperson of Policies & Procedures.

Last but definitely not least, come join us in Tallahassee for our Legislative Quarterly and talk to the law and policy makers of our state. Let’s not let them forget that when times get tough, Agriculture keeps the Great State of Florida going!

Happy trails and safe travels!

Denise Colgan

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