May FCW Report

Howdy to all Cattlemen and CattleWomen in the Sunshine State!  It has been a great month.  First, let me thank Fresh From Florida and the Florida Tourist Development Council for their wonderful street party up in Tallahassee.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day up on the Hill as we spread the good news about the Cattle Industry and highlighted concerns that are currently affecting us in the agricultural community!

As usual we broke into groups and visited all of the current senators and representatives of the Great State of Florida.  Although most were in committee, we were able to personally hand our folder full of information directly to a few of our representatives.  We had the opportunity to speak to other’s aides/interns (or otherwise known as ‘right hands’!) that work closely with our state representatives, and none that I personally visited were unacquainted with our organization and our efforts.  Everyone that we spoke to on the Hill knew us or knew of us.  We make such an impact that the word spread quickly that we were in town and had Beef on our minds!  We were treated with courtesy and respect and we returned the favor by inviting everyone to attend the street party later in the day.  It was a great visit and we made a positive impact on our political leaders.  Now let’s hope that they remember us on voting day!

FCW_Adams_Ranch_Rodeo4_2014On April 6th I attended the Adam’s Ranch Rodeo at the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds and ran into Cattlemen’s member, Matt Tavrides.  Matt has been traveling all over the state attending the ranch rodeos in his quest to meet as many cattlemen as he can.  He also represents the Florida Cattlemen’s Foundation and speaks to the crowd about the Foundation and its purpose.  A friend of Matt’s graciously took our picture in front of the Foundation’s banner.  We had to hurry because we managed to sneak into the arena between events!  It was a well-run rodeo and kudos to the organizers of it.  I also saw the St. Lucie County CattleWomen had a booth there and were selling t-shirts, hats and other items that promoted the ranch rodeo series and Beef.  I’m giving them a big WAHOO! for coming out to that event and helping to spread the word.  Way to go St. Lucie CattleWomen!

Ladies, check out the ANCW agreement with Sam’s Club to promote Beef through the months of May through September.  If you aren’t an ANCW member, it’s only $60 to sign up, and your membership gives you access to education information and toolkits to help you organize anything from a 5K run to a grilling party in your home!  Sign up today online at and help our national sisters spread the message too.  If you have questions call me.   Have a great month and I will see you in June at Marco Island!

Denise Colgan, FCW President

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