June FCW Report


There is so much excitement ahead for CattleWomen across our great state of Florida! May was National BEEF month and we were able to share with thousands through social media as we posted some great recipes on ways to enjoy and cook BEEF, and the importance of the nutritious protein in their meals. We also had several ladies whom read the BEEF story to the children in the classrooms. The FCW were excited to be able to send out Education care packages to all the County CattleWomen Associations, which included several reading books, bookmarks, hamburger erasers, Beef pencils, etc… the counties are able to distribute and share with their membership to read and educate. #BEEFmonth

When I had the honor of becoming the current President of our Florida CattleWomen’s Association, I felt like it would be a great year for the Association to focus and highlight our Florida working Ranch Women. Here in Florida we have a uniqueness like no other in our rich history, heritage, and land. We have many Cattle families that work side by side with multiple generations within their families. We all know the importance of hard work and being excited about what we do, but as we all know there are times when there are challenges we all face, as so many have seen Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa over the years work through hardships just to make their ends meet, cope with a family tragedy and have to make the decision on how they will move forward on the Ranch, or facing the devastating damage of a severe storm to their homesteads, land and cattle. These are families that will overcome adversity and see the hard work as rewarding and not just as a business or a job, it’s about so much more, it’s in us, it’s who we are.
Our Florida Cow Women are strong ladies that are so giving to not only their families through these times but to their community, they are the backbone, the bookkeeper, the Ranch hand, the preparer of dinner for the hands, the wife working along side her husband, and often times the one faced with running the Ranch after a loss. It is these women and their families that it is so important to share their story about! Most importantly when trying to connect the people with where their food comes from before they buy it in the grocery store.

As the Convention is upon us, we will all be so excited to see everyone back in a familiar place we all know as Marco! Please join the FCW as we kick off the convention with a very exciting fashion show and ice cream social Welcoming Reception on Tuesday, June 18th! We will hold our FCW General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, June 19th and make sure to make plans to join us for the FCW Membership Breakfast on Thursday, June 21st for a great morning of recognition and fellowship! Please make sure to visit the County CattleWomen display boards that will be on display sharing all their great accomplishments! We are also so excited to be showcasing the FCW “Florida Women in Ranching”video and sharing about the FCW History Gallery project that is underway, and please don’t forget the final push for the FCW membership drive contest! The FCW are making things happen in Florida and it’s exciting, come join us!

Florida Woman in Ranching- Janice Osceola poses in her Big Cypress pasture with grandchildren Martha Osceola-Turtle and Ariel Osceola-Turtle and some of her herd.

Our hardworking FCW Executive Committee 2019!

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