FCW Report

FCW at holiday gift market in tampa promoting beef

As in many things we do, our success and failures cannot be fully measured until what we are trying to accomplish is complete. When the goals are never ending it sometimes must be enough that we made our best effort in a continuous, positive direction.

This is the last article that I will write for the magazine as president of the Florida Cattlewomen’s Association. In the last days of my term I have thought back over a year that I believe to be one of the most successful years in some time. We, as a group, have made changes, added new programs, increased membership and created positive and user friendly promotional content.

Being an FCW member is not only good for our way of life, but it is fun and rewarding. Out of all our accomplishments for the year 2 things really stand out. The first being how we have all worked together on every aspect of this organization and equally pulled the load to help make it successful. Without everyone’s contributions and hard work, the FCW would not be as effective in our efforts to promote the beef industry. The second accomplishment is how successful our leadership has been on all levels. Leadership in any organization should not be limited to any one person. I believe what makes an organization great is allowing those in leadership positions to come together with the membership to create new and improved ideas to add to the overall effectiveness of the FCW.

I would like to offer a sincere thank you to our producers that support the Beef Check-Off and the Florida Beef Council. Without these funds the FCW would not be able to accomplish nearly what we have been able too.

In closing, I would like to thank each one of you! This past year has been an incredible experience for me. I have met some wonderful people and made many new friends while visiting county associations across the state. I am proud of all we have done together and look forward to seeing what the Florida Cattlewomen will become in the future!


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