April FCW Report

It’s April in Florida and we have been so blessed with our weather. Who ever heard of rain and fresh green grass in March? This has been an incredible Spring so far with so many activities and opportunities to spread the good word about Beef!

Our booth at the State Fair served 4000 samples and impacted thousands of fair-goers as we shared our stories and our social media contact information. 516 volunteer hours were worked at the booth by 49 FCW or FJCA members, with 11 also being ANCW members. Wahoo!

Did you know that with just one beef recipe card from the Florida Beef Council you can share thousands of prize-winning recipes with a consumer by also sharing our beef social media sites? Talk to Ashley Hughes at the FCA office in Kissimmee to find out how to order some to make an impact at your next event!

I attended the Florida Beef Council meeting on February 28th and the main talk was about…you guessed it…social media! In case you haven’t noticed, the FCW is getting its very own website! The FCA site is being redone and we are branching off. Wahoo! With our new website everything will be more accessible and user friendly. A big thank you to Ashley Hughes and Dusty Holly for taking on the challenge.

The Legislative Quarterly in Tallahassee starts tomorrow and I look forward to meeting with our elected representatives and it is, of course, always a pleasure to talk to Adam Putnam. The Fresh from Florida street party is becoming a regular event and if you have not gone in the last three years, plan on it for 2015. It is totally worth the drive to Tallahassee and we would love to see you at our Board of Directors meeting!

Denise Colgan pictured with Baxter Black at the NCBA Convention.

Denise Colgan pictured with Baxter Black at the NCBA Convention.

I’m going to close by explaining the picture I included this month. Baxter Black is my favorite poet, (yes, I am a total redneck for preferring Baxter over Chaucer or Frost!) and I got to see him in Nashville and get his book, Poems Worth Saving. You may remember that he performed his poems at the convention a few years ago, and he totally remembered it when I mentioned the phone call he had to take in the middle of his performance of awesome poems. He said that our convention is one of the best places he had recited his poems. Wahoo! Not only does he remember performing for FCA, but he also complemented us on a great convention. We continue to dominate the cattle industry, even when we meet to relax!

FYI…Don’t forget to pay your dues! Our year starts in January, not on any anniversary date. Attend a meeting and bring a check for your dues. Join in the fun of sharing your Beef story!

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