Sweetheart’s November Message

FCA 2015-2016 Sweetheart Alex Lucas

FCA 2015-2016 Sweetheart Alex Lucas

Wow! I cannot believe that it is November already and the holiday season is upon us. I am more impressed than ever by our cattlemen and cattlewomen. This month I will be launching the Florida Cattlemen’s Association blog where I will be highlighting leaders in our industry and presenting positive messages about the happenings in our industry as well as my thoughts on issues that affect us. One aim that I have with this blog is to be able to give a spotlight to you, the Florida rancher, and any innovations that are going on your ranch or issues that you feel need to be addressed. The reason I have decided to take this step is to try and bridge the gap of communication between the rancher and consumer, while also giving a platform to be able to tell the beef story for our community. If you would like to be featured on the blog or have an idea for discussion, please feel free to contact me. As we are winding down the year I encourage everyone to share your beef story with someone who is not involved in the industry. Tell them how you got involved, why you stay in the industry or what you love about the beef community. As always, I send well wishes to everyone. Again, if you are interested in being featured on the blog, or would like to contact me for any reason, please email me at fcasweetheart@gmail.com

Warm wishes,

Alex Lucas 

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