Sweetheart’s Message

2017 - 2018 FCA Sweetheart, Milli Jones

2017 – 2018 FCA Sweetheart, Milli Jones

Happy October everyone! I hope school is going well for everyone, my third year at UF is off to a great start! Nothing excites me more than taking classes that broaden my knowledge about our industry. My favorite class this semester so far is principles of agribusiness management, this class challenges me to think beyond my communication background. I hope you all accepted my challenge from last month and are still teaching someone something new about the beef industry. With the beginning of school comes new things to get involved with. Being involved in Gator Collegiate Cattlewomen and Agricultural Leaders and Communicators of Tomorrow give me new opportunities to become more involved constantly. This month my challenge is to get involved with something new to promote or give back to our industry. Being able to contribute to my UF community and the beef industry at the same time is more rewarding than words can describe. Try to lend some extra help to those in need or simply become more involved with your county’s association! I like to remember the amount of times someone has given me extra encouragement and how it has completely turned my day around. Fall is my favorite season, I am so excited for all the upcoming events within our industry and for the Holiday’s! Please contact me with any events you would like me to attend, I promise to come to everything possible. You can reach out to me by email at millijones15@ufl.edu or by phone at (863) 245-9711. 

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