Sweetheart’s Jan. Message

Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday. I am beyond blessed and thank God for everything He’s given me. I am so grateful for friends, family, time in His beautiful creation, the ability to protect and enjoy it, the opportunity to feed the country with wonderful people, to be part of an amazing industry, and the freedom to live the way we choose.

Last month Ashley Hughes and I did a cooking demonstration at the Orange County Public Library Cuisine Corner. We cooked a roast before hand, and focused on ways to prepare “leftover” meat. There are so many options! We cooked sweet potato hash for breakfast, an avocado salad for lunch that can also be doubled as sandwiches on bread, and tacos for supper. They loved the many ideas and creative ways to use that leftover roast beef.

In December we held our quarterly meeting in Melbourne. It went very well and we had a great cook out at the Kempfer’s Ranch! The next meeting will be in Tallahassee in March.

I cannot believe my time at Kempfer Cattle Company has ended. In January I will be moving back to Tallahassee and interning with Sam Ard. Even though I am very excited to learn the legislative side of our industry, I will miss being in the saddle everyday and living at the Kempfer’s gorgeous ranch. Your family means the world to me and I cannot thank y’all enough for everything you’ve done for me. Each and every one of you has helped me in some way and I am truly thankful. I have made wonderful friends and memories I will never forget. It has been the best experience of my life and I will miss it greatly. Thanks for putting up with me and my barrel horse.

God Bless,
Katey McClenny

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