Feb. Sweetheart Message

FCA 2015-2016 Sweetheart Alex Lucas

FCA 2015-2016 Sweetheart Alex Lucas

My dear cattlemen and women,

It is the month of love. What I want this month is for all of you to share your passion and love for our beef community. My love for this community has a root with my dad and my family. My family became involved in the beef industry because of a passion that my dad had for the industry.

I had never really been involved in the beef industry until then but seeing my dad’s passion and dedication to producing cattle, a fire lit inside me as well. As I started learning about the beef industry and becoming involved in the community my love grew for the industry. This community has given me so many blessings. I have gained a shared passion with my family, lifelong friends, and amazing opportunities, including being sweetheart this year.

I want to encourage you all to share your love for beef, cattle, or the community with at least one other person this month. It is important to share our passions with other people. I have talked with many of you and I know all of you share the same love for the community that I do.

Continue to share your beef story! If you would like to contact the Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart, please email me at fcasweetheart@gmail.com


Alex Lucas

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