Sweetheart’s August Message

Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart 2018, Elizabeth Tauchen

Hello everyone, My name is Elizabeth Tauchen!

I am very excited to start this journey as your 2018-2019 Florida Cattlemen’s Sweetheart. My love for the beef industry began when I was growing up on our family ranch. Because I was homeschooled I had a lot more time to be involved in the day-to-day activities of ranch life. I was constantly out playing with the horses, cows and helping my dad put mineral and feed out. I cant tell you how many afternoons I spent fishing, and swimming in the creek, and riding my horse with my sister. Years of what I thought was pure, simple fun, was actually a foundation — of love, and appreciation for something bigger than myself — building.
I decided that I wanted to run for Cattlemen’s Sweetheart because of the love I have for Florida’s beef industry. It has been my goal from the beginning of this process that Florida’s future farms and ranches are protected, and are in good hardworking hands. I decided that running for Cattlemen’s Sweetheart was the best possible way for me to be prepared to do everything in my power to protect the land, and industry that has meant so much to me my whole life.  I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to all that I can help accomplish for our wonderful Cattlemen’s Association.
If you have any questions, or would like for me to attend an event, please contact me: bethtauch@outlook.com or   (863) 214-3177
All the best, 
Elizabeth Tauchen

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