September FCW Report

Reyna Hallworth, FCW President

Reyna Hallworth, FCW President

Last month, the UF PIE Center coordinated a membership survey for the FCW. I want to personally thank each person who took the time to respond. Your input is instrumental as we grow our organization and work towards achieving its mission. I am so excited to hear your thoughts and opinions, and look forward to reporting the survey results closer to the New Year. If you did not receive the survey via email, but would like to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a call.

October Promotion Ideas
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this year that the rate of volunteerism in the United States remains at its lowest point in ten years. The FCW has experienced this decline on both the state and county levels. The blame seems to sit squarely on the shoulders of ‘lack of time’ and ‘shifting priorities’. We are increasingly looking to social media to offset the trend. Though not as engaging as a live cooking demonstration or classroom presentation, we can educate and promote from the carpool line, during our lunchbreak at work, and while simply ‘doing life’. The focus of this type of marketing has shifted from simple ‘Social Media’ to ‘Visual Social Media’: pictures. There are numerous tools to help us effectively share ‘Our Story’ with the masses. For example, apps like InstaCollage make it simple to impose words on an image or group of images, and share the final product on multiple online platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest. This type of content is especially successful in engaging millennials. So, whether it’s the newest crop of kiddos and calves on the ranch that has been in your family for generations, tonight’s supper, or the sun setting over God’s glorious creation – snap a picture and let your image tell the wonderful story of our industry.

In terms of timeliness, Florida is frequently unprepared for many of the autumn dishes being promoted elsewhere in the country. Temperatures in the mid 80’s don’t exactly beckon a bowl of chili or beef stew. Though Halloween tends to focus on eating candy and not steak, we can offer parents a wonderful variety of fun, wholesome supper recipes (such as Yummy Mummy Beef Pizza and Spooky Sloppy Joes) to start the evening on the right foot. For the other 30 days of the month, especially with many youth sports in full swing, One Pot Meals make great social media content. Share your own family recipes or visit beefitswhatsfordinner. com for the recipes I mentioned and more.

Don’t Forget:
Schools across Florida will host guest speakers during the month of November for the Great American Teach-In. This is an excellent opportunity to tell the Beef Story to a generation who is vastly removed from agriculture. A picture slide show is a simple, but effective, tool to promote an image that is far more accurate than the “factory farm” kids see and hear so much of. Contact your local district, as some may require an application and approval process this month.

Also, it’s not too late to participate in the Know Your Beef Short Course drawing for a free iPad! Just complete the new and improved Master of Beef Advocacy 2.0 training on or before November 30 to be entered to win. Visit to enroll. The drawing will be held at the December Quarterly. Contact Beth Hunt for questions and additional information.


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