November FCW Report

Reyna Hallworth, FCW President

Reyna Hallworth, FCW President

November kicks off the FCW’s very first Public Relations Campaign, and I’m pretty excited! This campaign has been more than two years in the making. Like any good nonprofit, the FCW has to evaluate the return on each investment of our time and money. Back in 2013, the Board of Directors determined that providing beef shirts to fair exhibitors did not return enough benefit for the Association’s investment. After a year of researching alternative opportunities to foster the wellbeing of the beef industry, a Public Relations Campaign was voted into action and a firm was contracted for 2014. Being such a new venture and moving very quickly, the Board decided in the fall of that year to push the launch to 2015. Our Beef for the Holidays campaign is finally ready to roll out, and I am quite pleased with everything that our folks and Kilroy Communications have put together to create a buzz about beef during a season when turkey takes center plate. Some of what you can expect includes awareness events, television and print media spots, blogger engagement, and social media chatter in the Tampa, Ft Myers/ Naples, Bradenton/Sarasota, and Palm Beach markets. This will be an exciting few months for the FCW, and I thank each of you for helping put this plan into action.

November Promotion Ideas: The Beef for the Holidays campaign is certainly our top priority this month: Please keep an eye out for Call to Action requests sent via email and Facebook! That said, the Holiday campaign will focus more on enjoying beef during gatherings (appetizers, roasts, etc.), providing a perfect opportunity to talk about the benefit of eating beef on those non-holiday party days. Raise your hand if you want to gain 10 lbs before the New Year. Exactly. None of us set out to achieve that goal, but with the endless supply of empty calorie temptations that abound during the ‘eating season’, well, it happens. The science behind the importance of protein has been getting a lot of press lately. New research shows that consuming the right amount of protein throughout the day— around 25-30 grams per meal, plus snacks—is key to feeling the benefits of protein. Benefits like a leaner, stronger body and sustained energy. In addition, studies have shown that consuming protein-rich meals can help you feel fuller, longer and lead to improved appetite control… meaning you’re less likely to devour half a pumpkin pie at 8pm or binge on Christmas cookies midafternoon. The trick to keeping those cravings at bay is consuming protein consistently throughout the day, starting at breakfast and continuing at lunch, dinner and snacks. Visit for quick and easy protein-powered recipes that’ll keep you motoring through those busy days and away from the office candy bowl. The Florida Beef Council launched the Protein Challenge locally in September. Sharing your challenge experience on social media is an easy way to promote beef this holiday season, and has the added benefit of helping you feel and look great!

On a personal note From my family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks for each of you and this wonderful industry we’re so blessed to enjoy.


It’s not too late to participate in the Know Your Beef Short Course drawing for a free iPad! Just complete the new and improved Master of Beef Advocacy 2.0 training on or before November 30 to be entered to win. Visit to enroll. The drawing will be held at the December Quarterly. Contact Beth Hunt for questions and additional information.

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