Nov. FCW Report

It’s November! Great things happen in November! Hurricane season ends (thank goodness), the Holiday season begins…and hopefully cooler weather is on the horizon! FCW members are preparing for lots of activities the next few months, so I wanted to share a few opportunities for other FCW members to help out:


Savage Race
FCW is in full swing this month and are excited to be at the upcoming Savage Race, November 11th & 12th at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City. During this two day event, FCW members have the opportunity to speak one on one with thousands of consumers about the nutritional benefits of incorporating the healthy protein BEEF into their diets while training for athletic events such as the Savage Race. We are always looking for cattlemen and cattlewomen to join us for the weekend to help us cook up some steak samples, talk with consumers and man our booth. If you are able to lend a helping hand, please contact Beth Hunt at (863) 287-0404.

Beef for the Holidays
As we have done in the past, the FCW continues to fund a Beef for the Holidays campaign that allows us the opportunity to ensure a needy organization has BEEF for the holiday season. For the last several years, the Hope Children’s Home in Tampa was chosen for this initiative and this year is no different. As usual, CattleWomen across the state have already stepped forward to purchase gifts for each and every child at the Home. We will also be “passing the hat” again at the Steak Out at the next quarterly meeting to collect funds to purchase Beef Certificates to provide to the home so that we can ensure the children are provided with BEEF this holiday season. However, I want to CHALLENGE ALL CATTLEWOMEN AND CATTLEMEN to encourage your counties to consider donating funds so that we can purchase additional Beef Certificates for the Hope Children’s Home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to provide the Home with enough certificates to ensure that the children would have enough beef to carry them through all next year! Anyone interested in donating funds to purchase Beef Certificates for the Hope Children’s Home can send a check made payable to FCW to PO Box 3, Balm, FL 33503. Please forward monies to purchase Beef Certificates by December 1st and note that the funds are for the purchase of Beef Certificates for the Hope Children’s Home.

Florida State Fair
The Florida State Fair is just around the corner and we are finalizing our plans for the FCW Booth – as you attend your county meetings, please consider having a group from your county host the booth for a day! This gives each county the opportunity to do outreach and promotion with one on one conversation with consumers to promote BEEF and you can even promote a BEEF recipe from your own county! For more information, contact Tami Newsome at

The last quarterly meeting for the year is scheduled in Gainesville on November 30th and December 1st. The FCW Executive Meeting is scheduled for November 30th at 3:00pm and the Steak Out Dinner will occur that night at 6:00pm. The FCW BOD/General Membership meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 1st at 8:30am. New FCW Officer Installation will occur at the conclusion of the BOD/General Membership meeting. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all FCW meetings at all quarterlies to keep up to date on information at the state level. Furthermore, we encourage all county cattlewomen organizations to appoint a State Director to attend all quarterlies and bring back information to disseminate at the county level. For full agenda information on quarterly meetings, please see the FCA website.

CALLING ALL CATTLEWOMEN AND CATTLEMEN! Mark your calendars for the FCW Clay Shoot on January 6, 2018 at the Quail Creek Plantation! THIS IS NOT JUST A SHOOT FOR THE LADIES – it is a shoot to raise funds for the FCW to help fund programs such as our Scholarships and Outreach & Promotion. Several categories of prizes are awarded, including prizes for Cowboy Teams (and we know there are a LOT of ranches out there who could form a team with their cowboys), Ladies Teams, Top Individual Shooters, and Youth Shooters. Registration and sponsor forms will be available on the website soon!

FCW President Michelle Grimmer

If you would like someone from FCW to attend one of your county meetings to give an update about what’s going on around the state or answer any questions about becoming more involved in FCW, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Until next month, Michelle

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