Feb. FCW Report

Reyna Hallworth, FCW President

Reyna Hallworth, FCW President

About the time you receive this issue, I will be traveling to the Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio to represent the FCW at the American National CattleWomen (ANCW) meetings. The ANCW provides us with many of the programs that we implement on the state level here in Florida. As a volunteer organization, none of us has time to build each and every promotion or education program from the ground up. With the ANCW took kits, we don’t have to. If you’re not a member already, please consider joining to support programs such as the National Beef Ambassador Contest, k-12 Education Research, Wow that Cow, and more. Your investment in the national associated truly benefits our efforts at home.

February Promotion Ideas
Because many Floridians associate beef with the good life or cook it at home to celebrate a special occasion, Valentine’s Day provides an excellent opportunity for consumer education and promotion. Consider an outreach event this month to target: 1) folks who may purchase an alternative protein because they lack confidence cooking beef, and 2) experienced beef buyers who would enjoy trying a new preparation to make the Valentine’s Day meal more special. If you’re not able to physically host an event or participate in a speaking engagement, consider taking to the internet. Pin a recipe, share a local restaurant’s specials, or tweet about sale beef prices at your local store…or some combination thereof.

The www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com site has fantastic resources if you’re looking for theme ideas for an upcoming promotion, newsletter, or digital post. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select the ‘for the media’ link. Available tools include monthly story ideas, fact sheets, news releases, feature story ideas and recipes, and the Beef so Simple Newsletter. Connect with consumers using the site on your tablet or smart phone while you’re promoting beef out in the community. The interactive meat counter is sure to impress, and the site now features the ‘Confident Cooking with Beef’ brochure as an online, interactive tool.

Connect with FCW Online
The Florida CattleWomen would like to improve communication with its members. Upgrades to the website feature a calendar of events tab and other tools to share information. In addition to the promotional and educational posts to Facebook, the FCW is utilizing social media as a tool to stay in touch. Check our page for announcements, news, and opportunities – and comment with your thoughts. Your opinions, suggestions, and stories are important! Did you receive the January FCW e-newsletter? On average, newsletters and announcements are opened by less than 25% of subscribers. The emails may be directed to the spam folder by your provider. Mailchimp recommends that you attempt to locate the email in the spam folder, and mark it as Not Spam or Not Junk (don’t worry – the FCW won’t flood your inbox). If you don’t see anything from us, I’d be glad to double check your email address for accuracy.

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