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As I write this article, I’m busy putting on the final touches in preparing for our convention, so I hope that everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the events that were provided for our membership. Look for a summary of convention events in next month’s article. I would like to thank Ned Waters for all of his hard work and dedication to FCA during the past year and welcome Ken Griner in as the new President. Both gentlemen have been and continue to be extremely supportive of the CattleWomen and work to support our efforts throughout the state. I would also like to thank all the FCA staff for their tireless efforts year round and for the endless hours of dedication to ensure that our convention every year is one of the best conventions in the state of Florida!

If you have not had a chance to do so, I would encourage you to take a moment and thank the sponsors of our FCW events during convention. They help ensure we have a wonderful time year after year, so let’s make sure they know how much we appreciate their support!

A list of sponsors of FCW events are as follows:

Animal Health International
Bayer Animal Health
Central Life Sciences
Florida Association of Livestock Markets
Merck Animal Health
Organic Matters, Inc.
Sumter County Farmers Market
Westway Feed Products

In June, FCW members from across the state gathered in Pasco County to attend the 2nd Annual Bonfires and Wine event hosted by the Pasco County CattleWomen.

In June, the Pasco County CattleWomen hosted the second annual “Bonfires & Wine” event, to which all FCW members were invited to attend. The evening began with appetizers and lots of socializing with fellow cattlewomen from across the state and was followed by a wonderful steak dinner. After a fantastic lineup of desserts, we were treated with an old cowboy movie displayed on a large screen under a canopy of oaks and stars. Special thanks to the Pasco County ladies for organizing such a delightful event and providing our members with an opportunity to gather together for a fun evening.

In a few weeks, I head to Denver for meetings during the ANCW/NCBA Summer Conference. ANCW is providing a new forum of educational leadership workshops during the conference this year and I look forward to attending those and learning what else ANCW has accomplished as they continue to rebuild. I hope to see a great showing of representatives from Florida!

As I have traveled the state, I often hear from ladies that they would like to know more about what’s going on with Florida CattleWomen and what opportunities they have to get more involved.

So, here’s a few ways to make sure that you don’t miss out on any information we might be sharing:

Magazine Articles: The Florida CattleWomen have an article every month, so be sure to check it out every month when you get the magazine.
Florida CattleWomen’s Facebook page: We disseminate all kinds of information via our Facebook page, so be sure that you have “liked” our page as it’s a great way for you to be “in the know”!
Email E-Newsletters: We send out news electronically via email, so make sure that we have your email listed correctly. You can contact me I would be happy to ensure it is listed correct.
Quarterly Meetings: I encourage all FCW members to come to quarterly meetings whenever possible. The meetings move around the state, so if you can’t make all the meetings throughout the year, check out the Events Calendar on the FCA Website and plan to attend the meetings closest to you!
County Visits: As you schedule your county meetings, I would love the opportunity to come and visit your county and update you with events going on across the state, share the latest news within the FCW and talk about opportunities for you to become more active in with the Florida CattleWomen!

I really can’t believe the year is already half gone. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as the President of this wonderful organization and look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has to offer. I welcome the opportunity to come to county events, so feel free to send me an email at CGShowCattle@gmail.com or shoot me a text or call at (813) 478-1668.

FCW President Michelle Grimmer

Happy July! God Bless!

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