President’s Monthly Message

February 2016


Thanks to all who were able to attend the January legislative quarterly in Tallahassee. We had a great event and were able to canvas the legislature to review our legislative priorities with each legislator. All the “hats” leave a big impression. FCA staff pointed by Sam Ard, and the Executive Team will continue to follow-up on our priorities over the next month to see if we can bring our requests in for a successful “landing” before the session wraps-up in March. 

As I mentioned in my last article we have continued to move forward with this year’s theme of “Developing Leaders for the Future”. The Florida Cattlemen’s Leadership Academy (FCLA) Class II met for its third session at our legislative quarterly. All counties should now be considering nominations for FCLA Class III, I would encourage each county to consider nominating a candidate to help develop future leaders for the association. We also launched the new internship database on the FCA website. If you or your company would like to list an internship, please fill out the online form or contact Dusty Holley or a member of the executive committee. 

Becoming an effective leader is a lifelong pursuit. I think it involves a combination of study, good training, and experience. Hopefully the FCLA program provides a little of each for the participants. For young people, it is always better to reach up to those with more experience for advice and training than to reach sideways to peers. The program provides opportunity for participants to get exposure to some of the most experienced leaders in our Florida Cattle Industry.

It has been an amazingly mild winter this year combined with a volatile cattle market. There are a lot of factors affecting the cattle market these days from a strengthening dollar to a weakening world economy that make markets difficult to predict. As we move into this New Year I hope you are able to take advantage of the mild winter (thus far) and see some stabilization followed by strengthening of the market. 

We have the privilege of being in a business that we all love for which I am grateful.

While we are experiencing volatility in our market,  long term I am very optimistic about the economic future of the cattle business and agriculture in general. 

When you consider future world demand for food, I am confident Ag will be a great business for the foreseeable future. 

Best regards,

Erik Jacobsen