President’s Monthly Message

October 2016

Ned Waters

Ned Waters

Fall is near and a time when we begin to reflect on a year that is soon to pass us by. This year has certainly been a year that no one in our way of life has ever seen. Cattle prices are about 40 to 50 percent lower than the same time last year and may even be lower by the time this goes to print. Many look at last year as a blessing that allowed them to get some things done that had been put off for some time.

We all continue to try to understand why everything has happened the way it did. Either way, some claim to have found the answers in hind sight. Many also believe that cattle prices are livable if everything else remains affordable. One way of looking at the big picture is to be thankful for what we have, to know that it could be far worse, and to apply the glass is half full thinking to where we are.
One of the strongest traits of the Florida cattlemen is that they, like many American farmers and ranchers, are hard-core optimists. They struggle to change what they can, and when the day is done they believe that things end up the way they do because it has to be that way. I believe that this is a testament of the very reason that Florida cattle folks continue to survive as they have for centuries. I, like many of you, plan to continue to do the best I can with what I have and work toward change to make things better for each of us and all those to come.

The Florida Cattlemen’s Association, as has been said many times, is the strength of us all combined. It’s not magic and it’s not that the FCA has a bag of tricks or answers that will fix everything. It’s simply the belief that when we all put our heads together we are more likely to come up with common sense solutions and answers to our problems that we could not do alone. That attitude will result in the understanding that we have done our best to change what we can and that sometimes it has to be that way.

The fall quarterly has just ended and that process has never been more alive. It is refreshing to see the many folks from all aspects of our business, planning, discussing and doing their best to make the future brighter for us all. The spirit so many possess truly translates into doing for the betterment of us all. This never gets old with me. It is a constant reminder that cow folks are not only a group of likeminded business people, but that they live what they preach. They are the kind of folks that say “let’s” and “we can” when it comes to getting things done. They are the ones that have ideas and are then the first in line to get it done.
Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, get involved, take a stand. There’s always room for you on committees that truly work toward solutions that affect us all. No tricks or magic, just good honest folks working together to make our future better. Please attend our next quarterly on December 1st and 2nd, we welcome you to be more involved in your FCA.

“Our Roots Run Deep”

Ned Waters
2016-2017 FCA President