President’s Monthly Message

August 2017

I was reading a periodical the other day and there was a quote that read: “…how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” I reflected on that a few minutes and it really made me stop and think about just how blessed we all are. All I could think about is the things we as cattle men and women all get to see and do every day….And on top of that we get to enjoy it with family and friends!

In the cow pens the other day I got a call from Mike Tomkow…“Hey, you heard anything about mad cow disease in Alabama?” As we had been gathering and working cows since daybreak I had not seen the emails from Jim Handley or NCBA yet. Needless to say, Mike got my attention. My reaction was a little like the behavior of my parents and Grandparents having lived through the Depression. People who lived through the Depression didn’t forget it. They didn’t throw away anything! Heck Lynetta’s grandmother even washed and saved styrofoam plates. Tough times are hard to forget. All I could think about was the cow who stole Christmas in 2003! And to think we had just re-established trade with China! Are you kidding me? Fortunately, so far, it has been a non-issue. I hope that reflects a level of confidence in the safety of our Beef Supply and in the reliability of the protocols we have in place. It did reinforce our need to Find a Way to finish the animal disease traceability effort we have started. I spoke to the Rotary Club in Gilchrist County the other day and even though we talked about every facet of the Beef Industry no one asked about BSE. There were, however, several questions about animal traceability. I think most of them wanted to know where their food comes from more so than being worried about safety. I think it was really eye-opening to see the fast response from Jim and FCA staff and also from NCBA in putting out talking points for everyone. Which brings me to my second point…

Another event that had an impact on me was reading an article in Drover’s magazine that Kendal Frazier had written. As most of you know, Kendal Frazier is the CEO of NCBA. The title of the article is “Unholy Alliances” and is reprinted in this magazine. I hope all of you that haven’t already read the article make the effort to read it now. It is really hard for me to believe that there could be an organization that has duped fellow ranchers into joining them in their effort to destroy the very livelihood we all get up and work so hard at? I have been searching through the dictionary for a word that properly describes R-CALF and could only find one that was printable…Counterfeit. If you are not a member of NCBA I urge you to consider joining today. The work that they get done on all of our behalf is invaluable. They show up every day and roll up their sleeves and fight for all of us. The work they accomplish for our rights in Washington is amazing. Personally, I commend Mr. Frazier on acknowledging that you can pet most of the dogs on the porch…but there are some dogs you just need to move on without.

Remember the FCA Heifer sale is set for September 15, 2017.

We were able to sign up a new FCA member here at the office today! Please help Steve John and the Membership Committee as we Find a Way to blow past 5000 members.

The 10th annual State Finals Rodeo is coming September 39th and 30th. We need your help. Get your local club to sponsor…and as Woody Larson use to say…”bring your country cousins and your city cousins!” We need you there to cook, to compete, to help, or just be a spectator!

Remember… “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Ken Griner, FCA Preisdent