President’s Monthly Message

May 2017

Ned Waters

Ned Waters

The Month of May nears the end of the year for me as President, and it has been an experience that I will long remember. It has been an opportunity to develop new friendships and strengthen old ones. I have a new respect for the effort that is offered each day to make the FCA an organization that truly looks after, for Cattle producers like you and I, the best interests of the Florida Cattle industry. Each year at this time it is the responsibility of the nominating committee to produce a slate of officers. That committee is made up of a representative from each of the 5 districts (and chosen through a district caucus), and five past presidents with the sitting FCA President serving as Chairman. The slate the nominating committee produces, usually moves the current officers up one position, and adds a new name to the list to serve as Secretary. That person, placed in the secretary’s role, usually has been very active within the association and can make the commitment to serve. This slate of officers is then offered at the annual convention for approval by the board of directors and the general membership, after an opportunity for other nominations is given. Normally, once the slate of officers is approved, and the person elected as Secretary will move through the officer chain to become president six years later. This experience is is a training process that allows the President to become briefed, experienced, and knowledgeable about the association and how it operates. I believe it’s a good system with many checks and balances, which allows the representatives of our association to correct what they see as a bad decision or for the candidates each year to step out if they feel it becomes too much for them to bear.

With that said I wanted to thank each of the officers that served this year, they have all been great! All have come from different beginnings and walks of life, yet they all have that passion for our way of life at the top of their list. Their commitment to do what’s best for the whole of our efforts has always been before all other considerations. It has been an inspiration to visit with them privately and for them to share their thoughts of what they want to help do in the years to come. The one thing that always comes to the forefront is what our membership wants from their association.

In closing, I ask that you as members, directors, area representatives, committee members and chairs, seek out the ones that hold these offices, including staff, and let them know what you think or tell them what kind of job you think they are doing. Also, always remember that the FCA is yours and that it is yours to influence. Become involved in any degree you wish. Wade in and be involved, it is the future of such member driven organizations as the FCA. It is our roots that make us strong.

Our Roots Run Deep

Ned Waters
2016-2017 FCA President