President’s Monthly Message

November 2017

I have to thank Milli Jones, our FCA Sweetheart for inspiring my message this month. She reminded me the other day that this month’s message was going to be easy…Thanksgiving is here! Then she told me not to steal her idea. Sorry Milli. November is about Thanksgiving and families. Although not everyone fared well, we can all be grateful that hurricane Irma didn’t do all the damage that it could have. Now on to Families and Food. Let’s all have Prime Rib with Turkey instead of Ham! Truly, I like Thanksgiving more than any other holiday. The reason for that is that it is the one holiday where all of our family comes to the farm. There is no alternating, like Christmas; everyone comes to the farm. I would tell you about the food but then all of you would want to come! And that would cut into my Pumpkin-Pecan pie. Great time…much to be thankful for. Find a way to make this Thanksgiving the best ever.

I spent time with Milli at the State Finals Ranch Rodeo. Every time we crown a Sweetheart I can’t help but think…well, we won’t top that…and every year we find a way to recognize another Super Star. Milli is a jewel. We haven’t had a lot of opportunities to interact due to hurricanes and cancelled events so I was pleased to spend a little time with her in Kissimmee. WOW!

The Ranch Rodeo was again a huge success. With a tremendous support staff helping me I was able to get my horse saddled correctly. Apparently my crew at home had their doubts as to whether or not I could. When you see all those people who work so hard and give so much to make the Rodeo a success…Jim Handley, Dusty Holley, staff, Bo and Emily Hobby, Sarah Childs, Ashley Hughes, the “Arena King Fred Waters”, Kevin Whaley, Mike Facente, Joel McQuagge, Scott Newsome, Cliff Codington, Mike Tomkow, Ned Waters, Billy Bellamy, Frank Markham, Gene Wingate, Gene Lollis, Alex Johns, Chance Clay, etc.… truly the list is endless and I will leave off more than I get right but the point is tell them thank you when you get a chance. I’ve had the opportunity to work cows in a few different states and after watching our cowboys and girls at the Rodeo I think it’s fair to say they can hold their own anywhere, anytime. They did a great job. In spite of the weather Saturday, the crowd was “large and in charge”. Everyone, from volunteers, to participants, to attendees found a way to make it a great event!

We had to brand some young calves yesterday and ship a couple pot loads of cull cows today. Fall is in the air; it was 68 degrees! That means that it’s time to semen check bulls, and prepare for breeding season. It is also time to replace some older bulls and upgrade with some younger bulls. As you shop for the bulls that will help you get to where you are going in your program remember those bull producers who support FCA. There are a lot of good genetics out there; be sure that you buy bulls that help you accomplish your goals for your cowherd. When possible, I hope you can find a way to support FCA at the same time!

Please find a way to join us at our November Quarterly in Gainesville beginning November 30th. We have a lot to prepare for going into the January Legislative Quarterly. We need you there!

Happy pre-Thanksgiving Diet… Happy Thanksgiving…Happy Trails

Ken Griner
FCA President