President’s Monthly Message

March 2017

Ned Waters

Ned Waters

I hope this finds each of you well, and that you are making plans to attend the convention this June. Although I am very disappointed with the J.W Marriott at Marco Island, there is nothing that any of the FCA staff or any of us could have done differently, with the exception of not trying to hold the convention at all in Marco until at least 2018. In hind sight, that is what should have been done. Everyone concerned had the best interest of our convention goers in mind when the decision was made to return to Marco in 2017. That decision was made under the promise from the Marco Marriott that construction on their convention center would be completed in time to host our convention.

I have a tendency to believe folks when they promise something and this was no exception. The Marco Marriot informed us in late January that construction would not be completed as promised. We quickly found an exciting new venue where I believe we will have a great and fun filled convention, despite our troubles with the Marco Marriott. We may even find that the new location is better than what we have had in the past.

This past month I had the pleasure to travel to Arcadia to the Florida Cattlemen’s Allied Institute and Trade Show for the day. As always it’s refreshing to see the folks that you support everyday with your business return some of that favor in the way of quality programs such as this event.

After leaving Arcadia I joined up with some of the participants of this year’s Florida Cattlemen’s Leadership Academy and we traveled to Quail Creek Plantation in Okeechobee, where the group was hosted by FCA Membership Chairman Fred Fanizzi. We meet up with their team and I stayed with them, had dinner and participated in team building exercises along with Ken Griner, Dusty Holley and Fred Fanizzi. This group of young men and woman are a willing group that offer new ideas and work to understand how the FCA operates. It is good to see these folks doing their part for the future of our organization.

New ideas and directions (Like FCLA and a new convention Venue) are sometimes healthy for an organization. It is always wise to understand and weigh carefully those changes for any organization. From time to time, I encounter a small number of folks that have negative things to say about the views and/or actions of our organization and that of other organizations that I am involved in. Sometimes it feels like lifting something heavy and then having someone standing next to you telling you a better way to lift it while his hands are in his pockets. At that particular moment one doesn’t need advice; they need some back up, some effort, to pitch in and get a hold. It’s obvious they’re struggling, you can debate style later. Advice is hardest taken when you’re under a strain and it’s easy to complain when it requires no or little effort and commitment. If we all will get ahold several things will happen; things will get done, you will instantly have the ear of everyone involved to offer how we all could have done a better job and believe it or not you will have your ideas implemented or have a better understanding of why things are done the way they are. Either way, there is satisfaction in getting involved, or if nothing else, we all are better off standing together than alone.

Speaking of helping out, Ranch Rodeo season has started and many of the local ranch rodeos across the state are qualifiers for our State Finals Rodeo this fall. Please support them, attend, help out, sponsor a team or a prize, come out and cheer your favorite cowboys and cowgirls. It takes everyone to make these things successful!

As always, please continue to find a place in the FCA to become involved. That is the one thing that our organization must have to survive.

Ned Waters
2016-2017 FCA President