President’s Monthly Message

August 2016

Ned Waters

Ned Waters

Many of you have seen the quote “There is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” by General George C. Marshall. I believe that’s good advice and an important part of life. I also believe that it applies to many folks that I know. Most of them are cow people, folks that go through life doing good things for others without ever considering what’s in it for them. Now as my daddy would say about the other folks, “There’s always the other end of the row that becomes a little weedy, but weeds have a way of choking out that problem by itself, so don’t let them worry you.”

The members of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association give their time, money, and are dedicated to a cause not only for our industry but much more. The people and families that make up the FCA are rooted in the belief that their way of life and how they conduct that life is the most important part of what they do for a living. This way of life, although different for each of us, always centers back to what is best for the family and what I call the values of the heart, the substance of life.

We as members have a successful organization because we are willing to step forward and serve our cause. Many of our folks are willing to help with the local or state associations, ranch rodeos, cook a steak for a teacher’s tour or talk with a group of 4H and FFA members. We believe that through an effort shared by all that we can show the world what real sustainability is.

I would like to thank the many who have sincerely offered me best wishes this coming year and more so offered to help in any way. Cow People, Past Presidents, and Directors from across the state, many of them old friends and some new ones. This is the kind of unselfish attitude that drives any organization to be successful. It is values of the heart combined with the willingness to do good that makes the FCA what it is. It is the ability of a group from all segments of our industry respecting and considering the ideas of everyone and coming up with workable solutions that make real sense, in real time that guides our organization. It is the commitment of many to put the best for us all first, so that we all can enjoy what we love. Remember there is no limit to the good we can do. Please look through this month’s magazine, check out the calendar and find a place that offers interest to you and become involved in your association. Contact your county’s state director, your state district representative, or any of the officers who’s contact information is on the proceeding page, come to the next quarterly meeting and serve on a committee of your choice. This is your association and you are the roots that make it live. “Our Roots Run Deep” Respectfully

Ned Waters
2016-2017 FCA President