President’s Monthly Message

April 2015

by Henry Kempfer

kempferSpring is here and I certainly welcome the warm weather. I always look forward to this time of year because there’s so much to appreciate.

It’s hard to top an early morning springtime gather when you can ride off on horseback, enjoying the beauties of nature that coexist with our cowherds. As you all know, there’s no better natural habitat for wildlife than well managed grazing lands. However it’s also understood that land not being grazed or properly managed, or lands overgrazed for extended periods of time can have an adverse effect on wildlife.

It has been one of my top priorities this year to work with the water management districts, DEP, division of forestry, and the game and fish department to open more state owned land for grazing. I recently met with these groups and was pleased by the response to our request. Grazing leases on state land should be established so that it’s a win win situation for both parties. My intention is for cattlemen to be “land managing partners” with the state. I also feel that we shouldn’t be apprehensive to yearly reviews, thus encouraging the “Lessor” to tour the property as they see fit. We as cattlemen need to strengthen our relationship with the state land managing agencies.

I am committed to work hard on my end to see this project through. In the meantime I just ask that you keep on doing what you do best. Let’s follow our BMP guidelines and strive to be the best stewards that God put on this great land.