President’s Monthly Message

August 2014

by Henry Kempfer

kempferWell, August is here, and so is the heat, humidity and mosquitos that come with it. Many of you have already shipped your calves while others are getting ready to begin over the next month or two.

For many years Florida cattlemen have been sending quality calves west. You, our producers, have worked hard, consistently improving herds so that we can demand the recognition we deserve. You have done so by implementing a multiple array of management practices including, but not limited to, genetics, BQA, vaccination programs, dewormers, forages, feed and minerals. Several of you have been willing to retain ownership, enabling you to have a better understanding about what you are raising and also take advantage of higher profits in certain market situations. Many of these practices have been made possible with the help of the University of Florida and also our allied members. It’s very important that we continue to support their programs and thank them for what they do to help improve our industry.

I encourage you to visit a feedyard where Florida calves are present. I feel certain you will be impressed with what you see and the reputation that now accompanies these cattle.

Not only are we producing quality, but also significant numbers that play a major role in the cattle feeding industry.

Be proud when you shut that trailer gate behind each and every load, or wean off a set of new replacements that will have a positive influence on the future of your cowherd. Let’s keep up the good work and always strive to get better.