President’s Monthly Message

January 2018

A New Year…2018. It hardly seems possible that we are already cruising into 2018. Probably our most important quarterly is just about here; the Legislative Quarterly. Some of the most important work this Association does every year is fight, either for or against, proposed legislation; both on the National and State level. Every year we have the opportunity and the obligation to descend on Tallahassee and take a swing at making a difference. This year will be a difficult one as our legislators will be strapped for cash, a position most of us in agriculture have a lot of experience with. This session will be defined by rules and regulations more so than money. There are a lot of issues we want to push forward with and we need your help. Please “Find a Way” to join us in Tallahassee for “Boots on the Hill” January 16-18 2018. Your voice is important.

Speaking of Quarterly’s, the November 30-December 1, 2017 meeting was really good. It really exposed how far behind the eight ball Hurricane Irma put everything. I know many producers are still struggling with the impact the storm had on their operation. With the cancellation of the September Quarterly we were in a position of really needing to get some work done before the Legislative Quarterly and I feel like we got a lot accomplished. A great big thank you to the staff, Executive Committee, Chairs and all who attended and worked so hard. I have to give a great big shout out to Lint Jerrels and the Levy County cattlemen and women for doing a great job preparing for the Steak-out at the new Beef Teaching Unit. Thanks for bringing a little slice of Levy County to Gainesville!

Another big result from the previous Quarterly was a changing of the guard for the Florida Cattle Women. Michelle Grimmer has completed her year of service and Rhonda Waters takes the reins. Michelle was a credit to the long list of great leaders of FCW. What unsung heroes out there fighting for us every day. Thank you Michelle. Part of Rhonda’s itinerary is to grow the membership. I challenge you right now to “Find A Way” to make sure your wives and daughters are enrolled and active in the FCW. They work and support us; we need to work and support our Cattlewomen. Please don’t forget to support the FCW Sporting Clay shoot January 6th, 2018. The event will once again be hosted by Quail Creek Plantation in Okeechobee. Wes Williamson welcomes all challengers! It’s not too late, but hurry.

As a reminder, Committee Chairs please plan an interim committee meeting in the Spring of the year. As we discussed at the Quarterly, we will not have an opportunity for committees to meet again until Convention if we fail to convene in the spring. Most of you have too much at stake to wait until June to gather together again. Please allow enough time to reach out to people who normally attend and also to publish the meeting dates in the magazine and the Website so that anyone who has interest has the opportunity to be there.

Something all of us can do in the meantime is sign up some new members. We are on a mission to get to 5000 members and there are tons of good people just waiting for you to ask them. “Find a Way” to reach out and get those people involved.

We need their voice and their elbow grease!

Until I see you in January at the Capitol…keep your knife sharp.

Ken Griner
FCA President