President’s Monthly Message

June 2016


Let me begin by thanking everyone for your support this past year.  I am especially grateful to all those who did such a great job serving on the Executive Committee and as committee chairs.  It has been a real honor to serve as your FCA President and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

I am happy to report that as an association we were able to accomplish most of the objectives we set this year.  Under the theme of Developing Leaders for the Future, we graduated another FCLA class of twelve and implemented a great internship database on our website to help students connect with industry. Through a special appropriation last year we were able to fund $1 million of research and promotion for the Florida Beef Industry. We also had a great year in the legislature as outlined in last month’s article including increasing our research and promotion special appropriation to $2 million for next year. I’m excited about the future projects this will allow us to fund. Finally, we made significant progress on our “Foundation Herd” goal of 100 cows to provide ongoing funding for the Florida Cattlemen’s Foundation.

We are fortunate to work in such a great industry with so many good people.  When we are united through our association we can certainly accomplish more than any of us can individually, no matter the size of the operation.  I look forward to serving as Immediate Past President this upcoming year when Ned Waters takes the helm and begins to move forward with a new slate of initiatives.  Ned has my full support, I appreciate him serving as my wingman this past year. 

Finally, I would like to thank Jim Handley, Dusty Holley, Sam Ard and all the staff at the FCA office for the great work they do on behalf of our industry.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and capable staff.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the convention at Champions Gate in a few weeks! We have a great convention planned for you and your family.  Thanks again for your support and efforts this past year.

Best regards,
Erik Jacobsen