President’s Monthly Message

February 2017

Ned Waters

Ned Waters

I like to include in each month’s message a ‘thanks’ to someone or group that helps our industry and way of life become better because of their efforts. This month, I again would like to thank our allied folks for all they do and for always being ready to help out in any way they can. The convention is rapidly approaching and that is a time when they shine bright. Our activities would be much different if they were not involved so thank you for everything allied members.

I would also like to highlight our Bull Sale donors. Year after year they come forward with the donations of bulls and credits for the PAC auction at the convention. Their efforts are immeasurable for our association so please help me in thanking them when you see them. It means a lot for you to mention their donations and maybe buy a bull or two each year.
By now you know about the New World Screw Worm that was recently found in a stray dog in Homestead. Although this is news that we hoped would never come, many efforts are in place to expand the eradication efforts. The Florida Department of Agriculture continues to work closely with the USDA to eradicate this pest.

Don’t forget the Legislative Quarterly coming in the middle of March. It is important that as many folks as possible attend to let the ones that serve and represent us know your concerns and that you are engaged in our government process. You will find all the details of the Legislative Quarterly meeting in this month’s magazine.

Spring is growing near and we’ve been blessed with a mild winter up to this point, although it has been dry. As you make plans for the New Year, please include the FCA. Make time to be involved, voice your opinion and let folks know your ideas and thoughts. Plan to carry the water on issues that are important to you. Through your efforts you can make a difference.

This may not happen without your involvement. If an issue is important enough for you to be concerned, it should be important enough for you to be involved. Remember FCA belongs to you, the producer. Take ownership, visit your quarterly meetings and convention. You are the solution, the roots to our past and to our future.

Ned Waters
2016-2017 FCA President