President’s Monthly Message

March 2015

by Henry Kempfer

kempferThe United States of America is a wonderful country to live in, and yet we often take our rights and freedoms for granted. We are blessed to have a military that is second to none, and can never thank our men and women of the armed forces enough for their service and commitment to our country. While the military is protecting our freedoms, we need to be focused on preserving our rights here at home. It’s extremely important to build relationships at the county, state, and federal levels. We will be in Tallahassee March 11-12 to lobby for things such as the new Florida Checkoff, water policy, UF-IFAS, and the FDOACS budgets. The Florida Cattlemen’s Association currently has over 4000 members, but it’ll be much easier to get the attention of our legislatures if we can continue to grow our membership.

I encourage you to come this year and help us lobby for what is best for the future of Florida’s cattle industry. There will be members present that have participated many times before and will be more than willing to have you join them during the visits. Sam Ard does a great job lobbying for us throughout the year, and can testify to the impact of Cowboy Hats in the Capital on the legislative community. We have many friends in the legislature that understand our needs, and it’s important that we work hard to strengthen that relationship.  However, I feel it’s even more important to visit those who don’t see eye to eye with us and tell them our story.

Later this month, several members of our executive committee will be traveling to Washington DC. There, we will meet with our US Congressional leaders to discuss issues on a federal level. Never hesitate to call or write your elected officials to express your concerns or thank them for what they do to help.
I look forward to seeing you in Tallahassee.